Tobysta Eräkoira 2016

Yesterday was probably the most remarkable day during my time as a dogowner. Toby (Hunting Champion Double Barrel’s White Tuxedo Affair) was awarded by the Finnish Kennel Club as Huntingdog 2016 (Eräkoira 2016) at the  International Game Fair Erämessut in Riihimäki ( ). Toby is the first terrier ever to get elected.

I still remember when I almost 8 years ago wanted to buy that little black and white hairboll from his breeder Monica Olsson-Back and everyone said to me “you have one dog that is enough”. Monica also said hunters were first priority but luckily I got her convinced that I would give Toby a good home. Well I kept my mind and drove through Sweden to get Toby.

Those who knew me and Toby back then know we have had our ups and downs. Toby was never and easy dog in his younger years because of his strong will. Especially because I did not hunt back then so he had a lot of energy. From this time I want to thank my friend Hanna Häkkinen, who have helped and supported me training him.

Toby got to be who he is today actually thanks to Johan Sundman. We were at a friends party and there Johan tried to explain to Gustav Holmbom that I have a dog with big hunting will. Well we went out hunting with Gustav and Toby and here we are 5 years, 3 children and 14 dogs later. Toby and Gus is a match made in heaven. Neither of them will stop digging before quarry is on the surface. Thank you Gustav for letting Toby be as good as he is.

I also want to thank hunting legend Mikael Gädda for seeing Tobys potential in the beginning. And for making me see what a great dog he truly is, when most people just saw his faults. I still remember some years ago when Gädda said to me “he is truly amazing”. That was when we have got 2 raccoondogs and 3 badgers from same den with Toby.

A big thank you to Mikael Fröberg and all our other hunting friends who have been with us digging or tracking wounded mooses and deer long in the night. Without you this would never have happened. And I hope for many more huntingdays with all of you. Last I want to thank all who yesterday came to the awarding in Riihimäki, it means a great deal for us that you were there sharing this great moment.

Once a friend asked me “do Toby never stop? “, when he had 5 hours worked on a badger, the answer is simple “No, it is Toby.” I love this dog. He has given me so much, taught me so much and shown me never to give up, if you have the will you will get there.